Getting started

This guide provides information that will help you get started with our API's.

Sandbox access

  • Setup your account:
    1. Sign up here and sign in.
    2. Choose an API product or bundle and create a subscription.
    3. Register your application!

    Once you have completed these steps we will provide you with a test bank account associated with your mobile phone number for the SCA process.
    If you don't have a proper test certificate for PSD2 access don't worry we got you covered! You can generate one yourself using this free service here or we'll create one for you!
    Keep in mind that this certificate works ONLY for sandbox access!

  • Start coding (the fun part):
    1. Check out the documentation
    2. As you might have guessed already we are big fans of OpenID Connect and oAuth 2.0.
    3. Use and test the API's - visit often our GitHub site for SDK's, tools and documentation
    4. Having problem's? Submit your issue and we'll get on it!
    5. We want to know what you think! Help us become better and send us your feedback at

  • You will also need the following:
    • You can manage your profile, subscriptions and apps any time.
    • API base url:
    • Authority: - discovery document

Production access

Your sandbox settings (subscription key and credentials) WILL NOT WORK with the production environment. Once you are ready contact us at to enable your production access.

  • API base url:
  • Authority: - discovery document
* For more information please drop us a line at